The 2002 August KMC

2002 August Kabeyun Mountain Club

This year was the 50th summer for the KMC. A large group of alumni helped make this a very special hike. I will post additional pictures as I receive them. Thanks to Wayne Stanton for some of the photos and Charles Stern for help identifying everyone.

Top Row: Daniel Workman, Carl Metzger, Glenn Workman, Doug Latham, Jon Vingiano, Luke Mitcheson (w/sign), Bryce Berggren, Sam Appel, Tom Fenalosa
Middle Row: Martin Rotenberg, Joseph Stern, Jon Reuben, Alex Latham, Derek Ekhart, Brant Ricker, Josh Caraco, Charles Stern
Bottom Row: Wayne Stanton, Dave "Smitty" Smith, Kevin Wilcox, Andy Baumel
Not Pictured: Jim Kaemmerlen (taking photo), Mark Robbins & Pete Devens (who had to leave early)


The 2002 KMC Alumni

Alumni members who made the hike up Carrigain to celebrate the 50th year.
Standing: Dave Smith '82, Wayne Stanton '80, Brant Ricker, Jim Kaemmerlen, Carl Metzger '76, Glenn Workman '72, Randy Workman '68
Kneeling: Andy Baumel '81, Doug Latham '79, Daniel Workman '75


Small KMC group

Pete Devens, Jim Kaemmerlen, Martin Rotenberg, Mark Robbins in the early morning.


The Workmans

The Workman brothers. This was the first time they have all hiked together.


Dave Smith

Dave "Smitty" Smith starting out.


Doug & Alex Latham

Doug and Alex Latham on the tower in the evening.


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