The 2000 KMC

2000 Kabeyun Mountain Club

Thanks to Alex Arensberg for the photo and identification. This was taken July 4rd, 2000 on the camp's annual assualt of Mt. Major. You can pretty much guess that the date in the corner is wrong because somebody doesn't keep fresh batteries in their camera.
This was taken July 4th, 2000 on the camp's annual assualt of Mt. Major

Top Row left to right: Scott Cavanaugh, Dan Schlozman, Pete Smith, Gary Maslow, Jay Remington, Mark "Moose" Mills, Jon Kennedy, Chris Mcneil, Bobby Linscott, Pete Devens
Bottom Row left to right: Jamie Phinney, Pat Bagley, Ben Barasch, Alex Arensberg, Ben Smith, Mike Smith, Bryce Berggren, Mark Robbins, Chuck Mills, and Bobby's dog "Bowdy"


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