The 198X KMC

1986 Kabeyun Mountain Club

Need HELP here. Colin McKee and Jim Larsen identified this as 1986. This photo has been hanging in the old trips room for years, as can be seen by the many holes, wear, and tear. I had to clean it off from all the sink gunk just to scan it in.

lower left strut: Jay Considine
hanging in the center: Jim Kaemmerlen
behind KMC sign: Carl Metzger
Colin McKee says he is standing on the strut with the camera around his neck

Smitty offered this assistance 9/6/98
Standing in the red fleece and shorts: Bill Robinson
Directly below him: Todd Millen
To the left of Todd (as we look at the picture): Jim Larsen (Jim confirms, this is him)
To the right of Todd: Carl Metzger
To the right of Carl: Jay Remington?
To the right of Jay?: Andy von Mayrhauser
To the right of Andy: Pete Flanagan
To the right of Pete: Then again, maybe this is Jim Larsen (no, see above)
Standing below "maybe Jim #2": I forget his name but I think he attended MIT.
Above in the McDonalds sign: Seth Ricker
At lower right: Andy Baumel


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